Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus

Have you ever thought about the two steps that lead down to the Sun?

The socks, and the shoe, the shirt and the coat, 

chipped, dirty nail with black, smeared nailpolish. 

When I was little I’d like to imagine what life would be like on Mercury and Venus. Other kids were interested in the big planets akin to Saturn and Uranus, or the small supposed ones such as Pluto. But for me, Mercury and Venus were always ample. 

They say that twins like me and my sister are like yin 

and yang. Black cookie 

and white cookie, a hot boil 

and a cold freeze, feminine pig tails, 

and masculine loose-curls. 

I think about how Mercury looks colder than Venus while in reality its skin impedes closest to the Sun. How 

Venus looks like a dessert of desert but in reality it once had pouring water. 

From the Earth I look towards the aubade-ing and serenading star through my two pupils of Mercury and Venus

My two lenses, two, too small planets

My two steps that lead down to the Sun.

“Mercury and Venus Conjunction”

Published by ellakotsen

student at Bryn Mawr College

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