How To Be a Good Writer

1. Imagine you’re standing in a wild blueberry-bush. Thorns that are prickly, barefeet that are dirty, flies and ants, sun and water. 

2. Imagine you’re a spoon with garlic and honey, sliding down a semi- willing throat. 

3. Imagine you’re the stars on a different side of the world being visited for the first time by an alien of a different hemisphere. 

4. Imagine you’re sucking hard on an altoid while pulling hard on some weeds in the backyard for your mother. 

5. Imagine you’re a greenlight and a delayed reaction of a driver on a cold and dark late night with a moon that didn’t show up for the night shift. 

6. Peel an orange and discover sections of trauma, bits of good memories, and seeds of all that in between. 

7. Squeeze your toes and think about all those life lessons you’re going to tell your grandkids one day, plan your exaggerations in anticipation. 

8. Light a flame at the campfire but don’t let the smoke go after your throat, keep walking round and round until you beat it in a race you created yourself. 

9. Grab a notepad, a good pen and your glasses. Sit down, or stand, and think about the most wild tales one could imagine. Think about knights and castles and childhood innocence and feminism. Dismantle the system while writing about your life story that revolves around it. 

10. Don’t brush your hair if you just took a shower and it is rapidly drying there is no time! 

11. Create a list of how you’re going to approach your writing.

12. Ah, see I got it!

Pictured: Ella writing at Tarpaulin Cove

Published by ellakotsen

student at Bryn Mawr College

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