Documenting History: We Held a Murderer Accountable, Today.

Today the courts and a judge and a jury and the people who protested and got maced and beaten by the police, today was some sort of validation for that I guess. In no way is this a victory or justice. This is just an ending that won’t cause nightmares and PTSD. It won’t teach a whole group of young, black boys not to wear hoodies as Trayvon did. Today was a day where a murderer will have to face his actions. 

In my intense fascination to document history around me as it is going on, I find it important to note today. I want to be able to show the future generation what happened on April 20th, 2021, how hopefully this was the start to recognizing an extensive history of violent racism and systemic police brutality. Hopefully, a day in which the proletariat is encouraged now to come together and overthrow a system derived from slave catchers and cages derived from the fields. 

Today we honored George’s name. Tomorrow we still have to fight to honor Ahmauds, and George’s, and all the black and brown men and folks who are murdered by the police. 

And so we fight on.

Published by ellakotsen

student at Bryn Mawr College

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